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Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast

Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast

The whole idea of Texas Toast seemed stupid to me. It's just a thick piece of bread with cheese on it, right? In fact, when I was younger, I used to take buttered slices of bread and sprinkle parmesan cheese on it and throw it in the toaster oven. Same thing--or so I thought.

Nutrition Facts
Calories    160Calories from fat    60
Total fat    7g
    Saturated Fat 1.5g
Sodium    250mg
Total Carbohydrate    20g
   Sugars 1g
Protein    5g

So when I saw the Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast in my grocer's freezer section on sale, I thought I'd give it a try. The variety I bought was the Mozzarella & Monterey Jack toast. After a couple of minutes in the toaster, I discovered that it is much more than a simple combination of bread and cheese. The bread came out nice and crispy on the outside, yet incredibly moist and chewy on the inside. I was surprised by the texture seeing how this is frozen bread, after all. The cheese topping came out nice and chewy as well, and it had an overall delicate garlic flavor--not too strong.

And I'd forgotten one of the main reasons why I buy frozen food products--convenience. I can't be bothered with doing anything more than just throwing something in the toaster these days, and this fits the bill nicely for a light lunch with soup or a quick snack. Plus it's actually rather tasty!

New York Texas Toast

New York Brand Texas Toast

The name itself is an odd one, but they bill themselves as the "Original Texas Cheese Toast." I tried the Mozzarella and Provolone variety. I have to tell you, I prefer the Pepperidge Farm version. This toast was very salty--in fact the saltiness overwhelms any kind of cheese or garlic flavor. And I couldn't really compare the bread because it was nearly soaked through with oil from the cheese after heating.

Nutrition Facts
Calories    180Calories from fat    100
Total fat    11g
    Saturated Fat 5g
Sodium    350mg
Total Carbohydrate    17g
   Sugars 1g
Protein    4g

The main advantage is the price--it's cheap. You also get 13.5 oz in a package compared to 9.5 oz with Pepperidge Farm. Would I buy this again? Well, yes--like I said, it's cheap. And in certain respects toasted cheese bread is still tasty no matter what.