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Grass Fed Beef

ribeye vacuum pack

Who doesn't love a nice, big, juicy steak? My love of beef goes way back to my youth when I would never even trim the fat off of my steak so I could savor every bit of beefy goodness. But something funny happened as time passed. I started noticing that the steaks I bought at my local supermarket didn't taste as good as how I remembered them as a child. They all tasted like they were soaking in a bucket of water for a week. There was no flavor. I think I started to become aware of this in the '80s. I thought it was just old age--that my taste buds were naturally deteriorating as I got older.

back of ribye

Then I started hearing about grass fed beef and I had to try it. There is a farm not too far north of the 'ol Losertown studio called Hedgeapple Farm. They raise Black Angus cows--grass fed and no antibiotics or steroids. What I really like about them is that they have a little store that sells individual cuts of beef--dry aged, flash frozen and vacuum sealed.

When I first went up there, I just bought a sample--some steaks and hamburgers. The moment I started cooking it, I knew it was different. You could smell it. And the taste? Well, it was what I've been missing all these years--a rich, bold, beefy flavor. Grass fed beef is also supposed to be healthier than corn fed beef--I won't go into it here because you can find all that info on the Internet. The main reason for me, however, why I switched to grass fed beef is the flavor. The health reasons are an added bonus.

ribeye after cooking on George Foreman grill

I like throwing the steak on a George Foreman grill--it makes it nice and quick and easy since it cooks on both sides. Throw a little salt and pepper and you're good to go! They really don't need too much seasoning. But for thick cuts, I've been searing them in my cast iron grill first until they get a nice crust. Then I finish it off for about 5 or 6 minutes in my toaster oven (firing up an oven for just one steak seems like wasting a lot of energy) at 500 degrees. That's what I call ribeye heaven!

If you can't stand gamier meat like lamb or venison, you might not like grass fed beef. I'm in no way knocking people who like corn fed beef--it's a matter of individual taste. But if you've never had grass fed beef--give it a try!