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Anomie Train loves chicken wings. The whole idea of them is so appealing. They're small, portable, you can eat them with your fingers, and you can eat as little or as much as you want. Spicy is good. Dipping them in bleu cheese dressing is very good. But unfortunately, the band must venture outside of Losertown to get good chicken wings.

So where is that? Cluck-U Chicken in College Park, Maryland. They are right across the street from the University of Maryland (Anomie Train's alma mater) next to the Maryland Book Exchange. Their trademark is "It's an addiction"™ and they advertise their wings as "The best buffalo wings in the world." Well, the band certainly doesn't disagree with that claim.

Take a look at the picture. Those are big, meaty pieces! Not some rinky-dink dried up wings found at other places. You can get the traditional barbecue sauce wings in varying degrees of heat from mild to nuclear as well as different sauces like honey mustard. You can get 18 wings for under nine bucks. That's a pretty good deal--remember, those pieces are huge!

The sauce is a rich, tangy explosion of flavor, and the chicken wings themselves are tender and juicy. They have a crisp, delicate coating that does not overwhelm the chicken. Just the smell alone will drive you nuts. A side order of french fries goes perfectly with these wings. These are great fries not only because of the spicy flavoring they put on them (reminds one of Hardee's Crispy Curls), but because they are soft and tender. You can really taste the potato. Not like fast food fries where they burn them into a dried up crisp of a stick that tastes more like cardboard than potatos.

Unfortunately, the branch that opened in Montgomery Country lasted only briefly, but there's always hope!