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Cherry Smash Soda

Cherry Smash

Cherry, undoubtedly, is a favorite flavor for many of us--well, at least for kids. We have cherry pie, cherry popsicles, cherry flavored gum, cherry vanilla ice cream--yet we seldom see cherry soda. We have grape soda and orange soda, but no cherry soda! Can grape and orange be more popular flavors than cherry?

Thankfully, Rock Creek soda makes Cherry Smash. This is a favorite of Anomie Train's, and unfortunately it is very, very hard to find in Montgomery County, Maryland these days. 7-11 and Shoppers Food Warehouse used to readily carry this soda but no more. We can only hope this doesn't mean that the demand for this delicious liquid refreshment is slowly going down the tubes.

Nutrition Facts
Calories    120Calories from fat    0
Total fat    0g
Sodium    15mg
Total Carbohydrate    30g
   Sugars 30g
Protein    0g

Now, for those who want a true cherry flavor--this isn't the soda for you. In fact, when you first try this soda, you may think it taste similar to cherry flavored cough syrup. The consensus here in Losertown on the other hand, is that the taste is more like that of maraschino cherries, those cherries you find in fruity alcoholic drinks or on top of sundaes.

It has a beautiful aroma and color (yeah, okay, it's artificial but that crimson red is so beautiful to look at...) and is probably sweeter than most sodas. A favorite serving suggestion is to simply pour it over a tall glass filled with crushed ice. It is a refreshing "sipping" soda, not a thirst-quencher.

So, if you ever come across this soda, pick up a bottle and try it out.

June 14, 2009 Update: I just stopped by my local Giant Food which has been recently renovated, and lo and behold, they are carrying Rock Creek Soda again--including Rock Creek Cherry Soda! Note that it's no longer called Cherry Smash--just Cherry Soda!