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Breyers Rocky Road Ice Cream

When I was younger, I never liked Breyers ice cream that much. I thought the texture was too much like that of a frozen milkshake. I preferred richer, creamier ice cream. Now that I am older, my tastes have completely flipped around. Ice creams that have all of those added ingredients now taste too rich and feel much too heavy to me. On the other hand, Breyers ice cream tastes clean and refreshing. It melts in your mouth like fresh snow.

Breyers has expanded its line to include varieties like its "Homestyle" brand, presumably to satisfy those people who are put off by what I used to feel was the ice milk texture of "all natural" ice creams.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size    1/2 cup
Calories    170Calories from fat    80
Total fat    8g
    Saturated Fat 5g
Sodium    60mg
Total Carbohydrate    20g
   Fibers less than 1g
   Sugars 18g
Protein    3g
Vitamin A 4%
Calcium 8%
Iron 4%

Breyers is at its best with single flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, or with simple combinations such as orange sherbet and vanilla. No other brand comes close to the purity of flavor that Breyers achieves (only Turkey Hill Philadephia Style can compete). The isolation of a single flavor can reveal the gooey heavyness that so many other brands suffer from. Not so with Breyers.

So how does Breyers fare with ice creams such as Rocky Road? The problem with mixing ingredients like nuts, chocolate, marshmellows and others is that many of those simply do not freeze well unless you add more gunk to it. Breyers is wise to keep its Rocky Road simple. There is a "marshmellow twirl" instead of actual marshmellows. There is no fudge swirl. The chocolate covered almonds however cannot escape the effects of freezing and comes out jarringly brittle.

Rocky Road lovers still might want to stick with a brand like Edy's. Breyers Rocky Road is still a good choice though, especially when it's on sale. If you prefer solitary flavors, Breyers beats all other brands hands down.

Note: I don't know who they think they're kidding by listing one half cup as the serving size. It's hard enough to eat just one cup! But if you're calorie conscious, what you might want to do is stick with a half cup of Breyer's ice cream and add as a topping a quarter cup of Cherios to it. The added crunch is a treat (makes it taste like you're eating an ice cream cone), plus you get vitamins!